Mood saya lagi cinta-cintaan niy. Hehehe… Patah hati ternyata bisa jadi katalisator yang terbaik untuk membuat kita merenung dan berpikir.   

If you ask me is there any true love exist in this word, I will optimistically say YES.  

However, true love doesn’t mean you will do no wrong. It does not impose that it is perfect. We humans can fall and rise, and fall again.  

My version of true love is that even though there are times you hurt and lie and cheat and ignore, you NEVER forget of trying as BEST as you can to fulfill below definition: 

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I read somewhere in the prologue of a book which title I forget, someone formulized love like this:

“Love is Passion, Admiration, and Respect.”

I am not a philosophical person, and I never really tried to make my version of love’s formula. But if I ever found the most right definition of love (for me), I think this is it.