Theme Song of The Day


This song was very popular back in 1988 that it reached the top of the Billboard hot country singles & tracks and won an American Music Award for Favorite Country Single.

I first heard it being sung by Carrie Underwood. Apparently she made her cover version in her latest album, Carnival Ride. I fell in love instantly in the moment I first heard the chorus. Although I am not much of a fan of country music, but I loooove this song. In fact, it is those very classic countri-y notes and melody that keep me listening to it over and over again. BTW, we can hear Vince Gill backing up Carrie’s vocal beautifully in chorus section.

You can hear it by clicking to my multiply account.


Facts about this song:

Released: 1988

Genre: Country

Writer: Randy Travis

Singer: Randy Travis

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Title: She’s Out of My Life
Written by: Tom Bahler
Year: 1980
Vocal: Michael Jackson

She’s out of my life
She’s out of my life
And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry
I don’t know whether to live or die
And it cuts like a knife
She’s out of my life
It’s out of my hands
It’s out of my hands
To think for two years she was here
And I took her for granted I was so cavalier
Now the way that It stands
She’s out of my hands


So I’ve learned that love’s not possession
And I’ve learned that love won’t wait
Now I’ve learned that love needs expression
But I learned too late
And she’s out of my life
She’s out of my life
Damned indecision and cursed pride
Kept my love for her locked deep inside
And it cuts life a knife
She’s out of my life 



This song is meant for you, Darling, with hope that you can relate to it.

I’ve been loving you
Too long, to stop now
You were tied
And you want to be free
My love is grown stronger
As you become a habit to meOoo, been loving you, too long
I don’t wanna stop, now
Oh, no
With you, my life
Has been so wonderful
I can’t stop, now

One thing I’m wonderin’

When you run out of friends

Will you be coming back home?

Let’s think this through again

Let’s take a different spin

Why can’t I leave you alone?


Somewhere tonight, you may be found

With some other girl you’ve been draggin’ around

You lie to yourself, and you lie to me

It seems like the truth is your worst enemy


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