Actually the title doesn’t quite represent what this post is gonna be, as this list is actually based on my preference . So maybe the most exact title should be “My 10 Most Favorite Songs.” It’s due to the tendency of people reading the blog by first impression on the title, so I figure out the title that will attract you more.

Well, this list is not gonna be sorted down on the level of my preference, since to measure our “favoriteness” toward one song than another is very hard to do. OK, here we go.

1. Moody’s Mood For Love

Music: James Moody
Year: 1952

The first time I heard this song was on 2002, when one of my friend bought Queen Latifah CD. Quite surprisingly that it was a Jazz album! Yes, Queen Latifah sings Jazz! And I’m telling you, she totally can do it.

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