Basically today is not my first day back in Indo, because it’s already been 5 days hehe…

But I think my cycle is starting to be normal again starting today.

During the trip in Europe, thinking about going home means thinking about all the delicious, spicy, greasy food. Hehehe… And also thinking about how cheap everything is in our country. The money I brought from Indo hardly left traces when I used them in Europe. So yes, going back home means I can eat normally again, and live decently again. 😀

But oh dear, the problem is, Jakarta feels just the way I left it almost 4 weeks ago. Nothing much happened or changed, and I still hate this super big city in some ways.

Traffic jam and criminality are among the reasons why I sometimes can’t stand it.

Fortunately, I’m in a good mood now, so let’s just forget about Jakarta and all its problems, and enjoy the food, the things I can buy, the cheap cost of telecommunication, and meeting my good friends.

Good to be back.