My blog has been deserted for like almost 2 months now… The thing is, I found new hobby. Xixixixi… Photography, Ladies and Gentlemen!!! And to make my days even busier, my sister (Serina) and her fiance (Olivier) asked me to be their single photographer for their wedding day. SINGLE PHOTOGRAPHER. That means I will fly solo! For the first time! Huhuuuuyyyyy…….. And that’s exactly what happens in this recent month, I work my as* off to learn about photography from scratch with the velocity that only The Flash has. This is me trying to be hero from zero. Wussshhhhhhhhh!!!!

BUT. In other hand, I also have some other things that need to be learnt or fixed ASAP. So many are the priorities, other less important things must be deserted for a while. So what are they? Here is my list of priorities now:

1. Learning photography

Becoz this is my sister’s BIG DAY, her trust to pick me as the solo photographer brings along (as well as honour) great burden. Just as Spiderman’s uncle said: “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Hahaha… Mang ada hubungannye???

2. Singing training (I’m competing in a singing festival at present)

My voice chords have been so spoiled in many, many ways this recent year. So trying to make them wake up  means long hours practice. Huhuuuu…..

3.  Helping my sister in preparing her BIG DAY

Kebaya, souvenirs, snack during cocktail party, wedding rings, etc. As much as they consume my time (especially during weekend), I love doing  them!

4.  Exercise in gym like crazy

The clock is keep ticking, and there is only 5 weeks left for me before the big tour to  ditch this unpretty-unnecessary-very unwellformed-FAT. FAT. FAT.

Between those aforementioned activities, my work in office has been tremendously increasing at a light speed (which is expected, since I’ve only got promoted hehehe…). So ORDERS. I need orders to finish this race with an intact brain. Hahaha…..