I’ve been loving you
Too long, to stop now
You were tied
And you want to be free
My love is grown stronger
As you become a habit to meOoo, been loving you, too long
I don’t wanna stop, now
Oh, no
With you, my life
Has been so wonderful
I can’t stop, now

You were tied
And your love is growing cold
My love is going stronger
As our affair, affair, grow oldI’ve been loving you, oh too long, long
To stop now
Ooh, ooh-oh
I’ve been loving you-ooo-ooo
A l’il too longer on
I don’t wanna stop it, now
Ooh, ooh
Don’t make me stop, then

Ooh, beggin’ you
Now, I don’t believe it

Please don’t make me come beg
Lord! I love you, I love you!
With all my heart
And I can’t stop, now

Please, don’t

Don’t make me stop loving
All my heart and soul
I’m in love
Ooo, given you too much.




This song has been played in my head for thousand times today!


A very famous Soul song in the 60s, populared by Otis Redding a.k.a the song writer himself (co-wrote it with Jerry Butler). So popular this song is, that the cover versions have been sung by many many great Soul singers, namely Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin. Even Mick Jagger cs (The Rolling Stones) made their very own version.


I heard it the first time in Guy Sebastian’s latest album (The Memphis Album – released in late 2007). This song attracted me the most, maybe because my feeling’s been kinda blue since 2008. Hehe…


Many of Redding’s fans claim that this is not the best song ever composed or performed by the singer, but due to my limited knowledge of him, I can’t confirm the same. For me this song is a great song, very soulful indeed.