Actually the title doesn’t quite represent what this post is gonna be, as this list is actually based on my preference . So maybe the most exact title should be “My 10 Most Favorite Songs.” It’s due to the tendency of people reading the blog by first impression on the title, so I figure out the title that will attract you more.

Well, this list is not gonna be sorted down on the level of my preference, since to measure our “favoriteness” toward one song than another is very hard to do. OK, here we go.

1. Moody’s Mood For Love

Music: James Moody
Year: 1952

The first time I heard this song was on 2002, when one of my friend bought Queen Latifah CD. Quite surprisingly that it was a Jazz album! Yes, Queen Latifah sings Jazz! And I’m telling you, she totally can do it.

My friend referred to this song specifically as it was his favorite song of the album. The first time I listened to it, I just didn’t get it AT ALL! “So what the heck is this song about?” I knew it’s rather swing-y, but totally unpredictable as no verse repetition and surely no chorus. I could not sing it even for only one verse. Huahaha…

Finally in 2006 I got to hear the Elliot Yamin’s version (2nd runner up American Idol 5th season) and fall in love instantly! Despite the fact that it is still a complicated song, I could enjoy it eventually. Currently I have been trying to sing it, and half of the song has come out right out of my mouth. While the other half? Oh, screw it! I’m not an experienced jazz singer anyway. Hehe… Seriously guys, one of the song you have to listen.

View the lyrics here.

2. Overjoyed

Music: Stevie Wonder

I think this song will never gonna be boring although you have listened to it 10 times in sequence! Maybe due to the jazzy chords, touchy lyrics, or the wonder in Stevie Wonder’s voice. My boyfriend (ex) tried and tried to find out this song’s guitar chord when he found out how I love this song, but in the end he gave up, still didn’t get it. Hehe… In his defense, basically he is not a very jazz person, more to pop romantic and stuffs.

This song tells about the one who really loves someone for a long time but given no chance to show the deepness of his love.

My favorite quote of this song,
“For in romance, all true love needs is a chance…”

View the lyrics here.

3. Butterfly

Music: Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff
Year: 1997

This is one of Mariah Carey’s greatest songs. It is about letting the one you love fly, for if he really loves you, he will eventually come back to you. It really touches me, because of the truth in the lyrics and Mariah Carey’s way of singing it is well-interpreted. No excessive improvisation, amazing back-up choir, and the climax is just goose bump-y! Loving it!

“Spread your wings and prepare to fly
Cause you’d become a butterfly…”

View the lyrics here.

4. Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)

Music: Jacques Prévert & Joseph Kosma
Year: 1945

I already listened to this song for a looong time, but never really paid attention to it, until Andrea Bocelli did his version on his latest album, Amore. Despite my very limited skill in Francais, somehow you get to catch the meaning in your heart. Listening to this song makes me imagining sitting in a café in street of Paris while seeing the first autumn leaves fall down…

My most favorite quote of the lyrics is (English version),
“And the sea erases the prints
of separated lovers’ footsteps…”

View the lyrics here.

5. Can’t Help Falling In Love

Music: George Weiss, Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore
Year: 1961

This is a song that I have been singing a lot in my friend’s wedding. Since the beginning we are already persuaded to dream about finding the one whose charm you can’t resist until finally fall in love with.

I don’t know how many versions of this song are there (but I bet there must be tons!), but the best version IMHO is still the original one, sung by Elvis Presley. His deep and tender voice will drag you girls into daydreaming. Try to listen to this song while wondering into the stars in night sky, and you will want to marry soon!

“Wise man says only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you…”

View the lyrics here.

6. The Way We Were

Music: Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Marvin Hamlish
Year: 1973

This song was the reason why I became Barbra Streisand’s fan, just like Celine Dion. No other explanation, except the song is a legend! BTW this song is a theme from a film with same title, starred by Barbra Streisand herself and Robert Redford back on 1973. I want to see this film very much, but have looked everywhere for the DVD and still no result.  So guys, if one of you happens to have it, please… please… let me borrow ya.

Lies the corners of my mind
Misty water-coloured memories
Of the way we were…”

View the lyrics here.

7. At Last

Music: Mack Gordon and Harry Warren
Year: 1941

The blues song that I loved soooo much! This song leaves us with so many room for improvisation, that is one reason why I love this song. IMHO (as a rooky blues listener), this is the greatest blues song ever composed. I enjoy all version of this song, but the one that I enjoy the most is Etta James’ original version. And maybe the weirdest version is Cindy Lauper’s (no offense to Cindy Lauper’s fans ;-p), coz I think she just doesn’t get the blues feeling on this song. Well, you tell me your opinion on this, Guys!

“At last my love has come around
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song…”

View the lyrics here.

8. Nessun Dorma

Music: Giacomo Puccini

Basically I’m just an ordinary listener to classical music, quite used to Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, but not listened to them in regular occasions. I heard this song first in the movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces”. Quoting Barbra Streisand who was starring this movie, “People who are falling in love hear Puccini in their head.” This is the Puccini’s song that I choose to hear when I’m falling in love. Happy listening, Guys!

View the lyrics here.

A little analysis regarding this aria can be found here.

9. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Music: Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg
Year: Late 1930’s

Maybe the truth about why I love this song is that it is a LEGEND! This song is already a legend, everybody sings it, everybody knows it. Every note in this song is wonderfully composed, every bit of it supports each other to form a legendary song.

I’ve heard quite a few versions of this songs (including Judy Garland, the original singer), but Eva Cassidy’s is my most favorite.
“When all the clouds darken up the skyway
there’s a rainbow highway to be found”

View the lyrics here.

10. Moon River

Music: Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini
Year: 1961

At first this song was composed specially for Audrey Hepburn to be sung in her very famous movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany”. As Audrey Hepburn was not a singer just an actress who’s supposed to sing, then this song originally was made to fit to limited voice range of hers. For me, it’s the simplicity of the notes that touches me most. I have heard others sing this song, such as Andy William and Sarah Brightman, but still I enjoy the original version most.

“Moon river whiter than a mile
I’m crossing you in style someday…”

View the lyrics here.