– 2-3 pieces of deep fried cassava (singkong goreng nehh… dijual di setiabudi)

I know, I know, it is not healthy at all, but you’ve got to try my cassava! Salty and crunchy and soft and hot. Yummm…!


– A routine check of my multiply account

Yeah, as usual, who has viewed me, who has given comments, who’s got news, who is having birthday, who has uploaded interesting blogs or photos, who wants to be my friend (ciehh…), etc etc.


– Googling for a bit

Usually before going to bed in the night, I think about some issues that I still don’t have the full or complete answer. Or try to think of the words people said that I don’t understand. So that in the morning, I will google them. (Sok pinter banget yee…)


– My daily morning medicine

I just don’t know why, I always have sickness! Sometimes it is the headache, or the ear infection, or the sorethroat, or most of the time (like now), it’s the gottdamn FLU! Najis deh, kalo gue udeh flu, minimal 3 minggu baru sembuh! Why do I always get sick? Maybe it’s because the constant injection of the deep fried cassavas. Hehehe… Dududu…


– Two big glasses of warm water!

Drinking glasses of warm water in the morning with the freezing AC in my office room will calm me down, out of the rage to yell at the building management for setting the AC temperature so low! I hate cold!


– Last one, and the most important final touch: My MP3 Player!

I just can’t start moving before plugging that two little earpieces deep deep in to my ears. It is important to have a themesong of the day, because it will set my mood up (whether the themesong is mellow or up-tempo). What if the battery was low coz I forgot to charge it? Oh noooo… I wouldn’t be working all day then! Hehehe… Kidding… Bisa dipecat ntar gue.


Happy working, Guys! Enjoy your job and glorify God with your work.